For more information please call our office: 708-403-8707
Rates and Fees:
Home care is a cost effective alternative to extended hospital stays or institutional care.

Price list for services of potential caregivers

Hourly Rates:

  • $14.00/hour & up (8 hrs. min.)
  • $16.00/hour & up (6 hrs. min.)
  • $20.00/hour & up (1 to 3 hrs.)
Live In:
  • Caregiver - $120.00 - $180.00
Care for two people at one location incurs a 15 – 20 % pay rate increase.

Margaret’s Employment Agency Inc charges a simple onetime placement fee on accordance with the ILL Dept. of Labor Regulation 515/5. We provide a full year guarantee of other replacement qualified candidates at no additional charge.
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